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 Financial Planners: A Tough Nut to Crack

Financial planners are a crucial element in the marketing schemes of most participants in the multitrillion dollar mutual fund industry.

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 Picking the Year Ahead

The burgeoning array of sector and regional exchange-traded funds has meant not only greater choice for investors but also more room for error.

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 ETFr Databanks February 2002

Our monthly databank breaks down ETF returns for every market segment.

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 Updates February 2002

NYSE and Dow Jones to launch sector indices, ETFs, FTSE 100 now trading on the Deutsche Börse, Nikko launches its second ETF on the Tokyo exchange, and more...

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 Archipelago—Keeping an Eye on Price

Electronic Communications Networks, or ECNs, such as Island evolved as a result of the Order Handling Rules implemented by the SEC in January 1997.

Journal Of Indexes

What a year it was

The author reviews 2001. In addition to covering the biggest stories, the article is rife with handy top 10 lists of the year's best and worst in indexes.

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 Capturing Reality in Japan

Against the backdrop of an intransigent bear market in Japan—in December, the central bank lowered its assessment of the Japanese economy for the seventh straight month, noting that it is deteriorating amid slumping exports, investment and private consumption—the MSCI iShares Japan fund has continued to find a home with investors who hold both optimistic and pessimistic views on Japan.

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 Updates January 2002

ICI issues ETF report, iShares ETFs announce zero cap gains, Dow 10, Dow 5 become official indices, and more...