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The Investor’s Guide to Single-Stock ETFs

The products’ arrival in the U.S. comes with the associated risks.

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Fintech ETFs Surge After PayPal Earnings

Leading fintech ETFs gained at least 3.5%.

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Hot Reads: The Lure of Dividend ETFs

ETF investors turn to dividend names as recessionary risks come into focus.

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Tracking Single-Stock ETFs’ Early Performance

One single-stock ETF accounts for 97% of daily trading volume in the category.

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Sprott Debuts Sustainable Gold ETF

The latest ETF launches amid increased investor appetite for the precious metal.

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Outperforming ETFs in Emerging Markets' Bright Spots

Not all emerging markets offer the same opportunities for investors.

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Gold Sends Signal to Leading Mining ETF

A bullish technical pattern and a recent bounce suggest the start of a rally.

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Social Media's Ad Revenue Slowdown Hits ETFs

Digital ad-dependent stocks have reported a sharp slowdown in revenues.