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How Game Theory Can Reshape Portfolios

Steve Cucchiaro talks about a new approach to building portfolios from the asset class up.

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10 Talks You Should Catch At Inside ETFs This Year

From sports to comedy, psychology, behavioral economics, finance, politics and even procrastination.

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Why Emerging Markets Offer Opportunity

Forstrong’s Tyler Mordy thinks emerging markets have a lot to recommend them right now.

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Robo Advisors A Touch More Human In Canada

Canadian regulation requires human intervention with each new client, something more and more U.S. robo advisors are doing.

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What Are Advisors To Do About Robos?

In this digital age, one thing is for certain: There’s no surviving for advisors who ignore technology.


ETF.com Podcast: 4 Big Themes Shaping Up For 2017

InsideETFs CEO Matt Hougan explains the big issues facing investors and the ETF industry next year.

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‘Emotional Agility’ Can Improve Advisors & Traders

Decision coach Denise Shull talks about how better decisions can come from understanding emotions.

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Vanguard’s Rampulla On The New Active Mgmt

Active management will not go away, it will just keep getting cheaper.