ETF Issuers ETF Overview

The ETF issuers channel keeps track of the latest moves by ETF issuers by covering new ETF launches, closures, issuer opinions and more.

Bitcoin & Crypto

Invesco Halts Efforts For Bitcoin ETF

The issuer is pulling out on the eve of ProShares’ fund debut. Analysis

SEC’s Bitcoin Solution A Problem

A futures-based bitcoin ETF may leave investors disappointed and confused.

Features and News

BlackRock Gives Investors Voting Power

Letting investors directly engage with underlying companies will revolutionize the ESG ETF space. Analysis Live Blog: Bitcoin ETF Launch Watch

Recapping the latest on a potential launch of bitcoin ETFs.

Daily ETF Watch

iShares Launches Bond Factor ETF

'USBF' aims to apply smart beta to the bond markets.


ETF Working Lunch: Navigating The ETF Ecosystem

Joining us is Aisha Hunt, founder of Kelley Hunt.

Features and News

NYSE Gets Custom Basket ETF Edge

NYSE is the first exchange to allow widespread use of custom baskets for semitransparent actively managed ETFs. Analysis

Big Asset Avalanche Coming To ETFs

Mutual funds converting to ETFs is starting to snowball down the mountain.

Daily ETF Watch

Motley Fool To Convert 2 Mutual Funds

The issuer is rebranding itself and is looking to launch more ETFs.