ETF Issuers ETF Overview

The ETF issuers channel keeps track of the latest moves by ETF issuers by covering new ETF launches, closures, issuer opinions and more.

Features and News

Expect More Leveraged & Inverse ETFs

The SEC's new derivatives rule makes it much easier to launch leveraged and inverse ETFs.


ETF Prime Podcast: Theme Investing & New QQQs

Marijuana- and pandemic-related ETFs are in the spotlight.

Daily ETF Watch

Goldman Folds 5 ETFs Into 1

Also, new issuer LeaderShares adds to its lineup.


ETF Working Lunch: Building A Marketing Plan

Joining us is Alex Levis, president of Arro Financial Communications.

Features and News

Growing An ETF Subadvisor Biz

Amrita Nandakumar takes the reins of Vident's subadvisor business.

Daily ETF Watch

New Versions Of ‘QQQ’ Add Twist

The massively popular ETF now has younger siblings slicing and dicing a similar universe of stocks.

Features and News

New Framework For ETFs-Of-ETFs

SEC introduces new regulation to level playing field for funds-of-funds.


ETF Working Lunch: How ETF Boards Work

Joining us is Stephanie Pierce, CEO of ETF, Index & Cash Investment Strategies at BNY Mellon Investment Management.

Index Investor Corner

Vanguard's 'BND' Adds Credit Risk

How a float-adjusted index adds risk by excluding certain mortgage-backed securities.