ETF Issuers ETF Overview

The ETF issuers channel keeps track of the latest moves by ETF issuers by covering new ETF launches, closures, issuer opinions and more.


ETF Working Lunch: Why Subadvisors Are Rock Stars

Joining us is Amrita Nandakumar, president of Vident Investment Advisory. 

Bitcoin & Crypto

Ether ETP Fee War Heats Up In Europe

The WisdomTree Ethereum ETP is the cheapest of its kind. 


ETF Prime Podcast: Awards, Vanguard & Trend Following

Plus, best ETF trading practices.

Bitcoin & Crypto

US Bitcoin ETF Update: 8 Filings Circle

These bitcoin ETFs are primed to come to market if the SEC gives the go-ahead.

Daily ETF Watch

ETF Odds & Ends: Vanguard Share Splits

Plus, several funds undergo name and index changes. 

Features and News

Indexes In Focus As Theme ETFs Grow

Moving from a free-float market-cap-weighted approach has a liquidity cost.

Features and News

Disruptors Dominate 2020 Awards

In a year marred by a pandemic and market turmoil, innovators took center stage. Analysis

European ETF Market Poised For Growth

Europe's ETF market is similar to that of the U.S. in size, but has some key differences.

Bitcoin & Crypto

Handicapping 1st US Bitcoin ETF Race

Commodity ETF veteran John Hyland places his bets on who is first to market.