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The ETF trading channel provides the latest news about ETF trading, from regulations to ETF fund inflows and outflows.

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Finalists Announced For 2019 Awards

Here’s a look at who’s in the final running for 2019’s best-of-the-best accolades.

ETF Strategist Corner

Reviewing 2019's ETF Flows

CFRA’s Todd Rosenbluth discusses his firm's data on flows into the top tiers of ETF issuers during last year.

ETF Report

The Fight For Fractional ETF Trading

Fractional ETF shares could be a game changer for the proliferation of ETFs.

ETF Report

ETF Univ: Why Are ETFs So Tax Efficient?

Two advantages of ETFs are their transparency and tax efficiency.

ETF Report

ETF Univ: What Is The Creation/Redemption Mechanism?

The key to understanding how ETFs work is the “creation/redemption” mechanism.

ETF Report

ETF Univ: What Are Authorized Participants?

Authorized participants keep your ETF running smoothly.

ETF Report

ETF Univ: Understanding Premiums & Discounts

Price is a multifaceted concept with ETFs.

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ETF Univ: Managing & Avoiding ETF Closures

Like any business, even low-cost ETFs need to generate revenue to cover their costs.

ETF Report

ETF Univ: Understanding Securities Lending

Securities lending can enhance ETF returns.