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The ETF trading channel provides the latest news about ETF trading, from regulations to ETF fund inflows and outflows.

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Top Emerging Markets ETF Flows Flat

Shares outstanding in 'EEM' have been unchanged for months.


ETF Working Lunch: Building An ETF Career

Joining us is Jillian DelSignore, head of ETFs & Indexing for FLX Distribution.

ETF Report

Economics of Indexing

Costs and profits have changed greatly over the last few decades.

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2020 ETF Trends: Opportunity Expands, Fees Contract

A wild year saw some interesting developments. 

Features and News’s 2021 Service Directory

We offer a map of the ETF ecosystem and contacts for every need to trade or launch ETFs.

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Conservative ETF Reshuffles, ‘QQQ’ Sibs Hit $1B

It’s been a busy week in ETFs and it’s not Friday yet. 

Daily ETF Watch

ProShares, First Trust Make Changes To ETFs

The issuers were among a number of firms making changes to expense ratios and enacting splits.

ETF Report

ETF Risks & How To Avoid Them

The risks surrounding ETFs and what investors should care about.

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Best Of 2020: Managing & Avoiding ETF Closures

Like any business, even low-cost ETFs need to generate revenue to cover their costs.