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The ETF trading channel provides the latest news about ETF trading, from regulations to ETF fund inflows and outflows.

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BBEU’s Mysterious Flows Dominance

The $5.7 billion the ETF added to its assets in 2023 suggests J.P. Morgan is making a strong distribution push.

Daily ETF Watch

Roundhill Debuts Mega Cap Banking ETF

The fund gets its exposure via swaps as well as direct ownership of securities.

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Latest Banking Crisis Highlights ETFs’ ‘Additive Liquidity’

Report finds that ETFs provide ‘additive liquidity’ to what’s already available in the primary market, even in times of crisis.

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Satovsky: An Advisor Should Be Like a Family Doctor

Advisory firm takes a holistic approach to serving clients for multiple generations.

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Inflation-Focused ETFs Struggle to Gather Assets

Despite levels of inflation not seen in decades, these funds aren’t getting as much attention as you’d expect.

Index Investor Corner

Allan Roth: Is Direct Indexing Better Than ETFs?

The devil is in the details—and the tax implications.

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Real Estate ETFs Up as Investors Anticipate Fed Easing on Interest Rates

The two recent bank collapses could cause the Federal Reserve to take a break from raising rates, benefiting the real estate sector.


ETF Working Lunch: Why Aren't Investors Flocking to Inflation ETFs?

ETF Think Tank's Cinthia Murphy highlights the range of inflation-focused ETFs.

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SVB’s Collapse Hit Banking ETFs

The biggest bank failure since the financial crisis reverberated across the industry.