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The ETF trading channel provides the latest news about ETF trading, from regulations to ETF fund inflows and outflows. Analysis

ETF Tax Benefits Continued In 2020

Capital gains are rare in the ETF space, but there are always some.

Daily ETF Watch

DFA Takes The Stage With ETFs

A towering name in mutual funds enters the ETF space. 

ETF Report

ETFs Moving Beyond Passive Roots

This isn't about derailment, but an industry focus in flux.


ETF Working Lunch: All About Authorized Participants

Joining us is Shelly Antoniewicz, senior director of industry and financial analysis at the Investment Company Institute.

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Impact Of SEC’s 13F Change Murky

The biggest beneficiary of the SEC's proposal may not be activist investors, but the agency's overworked staff.

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ETF Tax Efficiency Gets Boost

The creation/redemption process, which makes ETFs so tax friendly, gets more streamlined.

Features and News

How ‘JETS’ ETF Took Off

Airlines ETF hits home run in 2020, after waiting in the wings for five years. Analysis

Factor ETFs In Demand

But the same isn’t true for dividend ETFs.

ETF Basics

How To Run An Index Fund: Full Replication Vs. Optimization

The goal of most ETFs is to track an index's performance. Fund managers have two ways to do this.