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4 Common Mistakes ETF Investors Make

ETFs are great vehicles, but that doesn't mean there aren't pitfalls.

Index Investor Corner

Swedroe: Don’t Sell During Volatility

Clear evidence that markets do rebound after corrections, and sellers lose out.

ETF Basics

Are Bond ETFs More Liquid Than Bonds?

Since liquidity in the bond market has dried up, many investors worry about the liquidity risk of ETFs based on those bonds.

ETF.com Analysis

ETF Net Asset Values: Fact & Fiction

This mispricing of net asset valuations of ETFs and mutual funds warrant an investor primer.

ETF Basics

Bond ETFs Vs. Bonds: Which Are Better?

Bonds offer safe, steady and predictable returns that have low correlations to stocks.

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Regulators Re-Examine ETFs After Volatility

Pricing errors of exchange-traded funds draw SEC scrutiny.

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This Volatility Options Bet Also A Hedge

But volatility options don’t come cheap.

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Glitch Differentiates Mutual Funds From ETFs

The latest computer fail in the world of trading highlights core difference between mutual funds and ETFs.