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Bank Loan ETF Fears Are Flawed

Arguments against bank-loan funds have plenty of flaws.

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Using A ‘Stock Replacement’ Strategy On SPY

Sell your winners while keeping a stake in further rallies. Analysis

NextShares & The Death Of Mutual Funds

Eaton Vance offering radical pricing with its exchange-traded managed funds. Analysis

Greece ETF GREK Shines During Turmoil

It’s impressive how the Global X FTSE Greece 20 ETF and its issuer have weathered the country's financial storm. Analysis

Tracking Difference, The Perfect ETF Metric

The median ETF tracks its index perfectly excluding expenses. But different firms and funds perform quite differently.

Index Investor Corner

Ferri: Top 10 Times When Not To Invest

Here are some tips when you should just say no to investing. Analysis

The China A-Share Problem: ASHS

With the China A-share market half-broken, ETF investors should be very, very cautious.

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Quick Guide To Trading ETFs

Here's all you need to know about trading ETFs.