A Crowded Currency Hedged ETF Trend

Yes, 2015 is shaping up to be the ‘year of currency hedging,’ but that’s not necessarily a good thing.

Monthly ETF Flows

Currency Hedged ETFs Won Big In Feb Flows

Amid dollar strength, investors sought the refuge of currency-hedged ETFs.

ETF Alpha Think Tank

Merk: Opportunity In China; Still Bullish On Euro

With volatility on the rise, Merk warns traditional safe-haven currencies won't provide much of a safety net: 'There's no place to hide.'

Features and News

Avoid Bonds When Playing Strong Dollar

Macro thought leader discusses how he approaches today’s financial markets.

ETF Alpha Think Tank

Fitzsimmons: Mexico, India & Indonesia Attractive Long Term

Recent changes to political leadership are viewed as positives over the long haul for Mexico, India and Indonesia.

ETF Alpha Think Tank

Gartman: Own Beaten-Down Coal Stocks

It's time to own the essential ingredients to economic growth, some of which are down as much as 90 percent from only a few years ago.

Index Investor Corner

Ferri: Exchange-Traded Confusion

It's worth reminding investors that not all ETFs are created equal.

ETF Watch

ETF Watch: WisdomTree Adds To Lineup

Firm launches new dividend growth ETFs