Weekly ETF Flows

Weekly ETF Inflows Slow To $2.3B

Investors added money into ETFs at a slower pace this week.

ETF Report

Countries In Review: July 2019

Most country ETFs declined during the month of May.

Monthly ETF Flows

June Sees One Of Largest Monthly Inflows

Fed gave investors confidence to buy ETFs across the board in last month.

Daily ETF Flows

Debt ETFs Dominate Inflows

Short-term and high-yield debt saw strong inflows at the start of the week.

ETF.com Analysis

All ETF Inflows/Outflows Aren’t The Same

Separating ETF asset flows by investor type can tell a very different story from what you might have heard.

Weekly ETF Flows

Investors Plow Into Treasury ETFs This Week

U.S. fixed income ETFs had inflows of $10.4 billion, most of that targeted at Treasury bond ETFs.

Monthly ETF Flows

Largest Monthly ETF Outflow Of 2019 In May

ETFs registered their largest outflow of the year as the stock market dropped.

ETF Report

Sectors In Review: June 2019

Health care and real estate struggled during the month.