Fed ETF Overview

The Federal Reserve of the United States is a U.S. government agency in charge of regulating the money supply and banking institutions of the United States. The Fed actions and decisions are of great importance for the economy. The Fed mandate is to achieve maximum employment, stable prices and to moderate long-term interest rates.

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2021: Deja Vu All Over Again For Stocks

The market makes fools of us all.

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Inflation Threat Looms Large

Rising inflation combined with stimulative monetary policy is a growing threat to the U.S. economy.

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FolioBeyond Adds ETF For Rising Rates

‘RISR’ is coming as the Fed signals a wind-down of pandemic-era monetary policy.

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Powell Signals Bond Tapering

But the Fed chair said the federal funds rate will stay near zero for the time being.

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Breaking Down Value ETFs

Only three of five value ETFs outperformed Vanguard's ‘VOO’ despite this being the year of factor resurgence.

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Why Alt ETFs Have Yet To Take Flight

Alternative ETFs are languishing despite a perfect storm.

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Fed To Sell All ETF Holdings By Year End

It’s another sign the central bank will begin tightening monetary policy.

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Inflation Causing Investor Headache

But Federal Reserve governors say inflation spike is transitory.

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Simplify Adds 2 Alt Strategy ETFs

The firm’s newest products rely on hedge-fund-style derivatives strategies.