Filing ETF Overview

Each new ETF needs to file a registration with the Securities Exchange Commission before it begins trading in U.S. markets. Keep up with the latest filings and ETF launches by reading our ETF Watch section.

Daily ETF Watch

New Filings Include Pure Play AI ETF

Additional filings cover nontraded REITs and Israeli bonds.

Daily ETF Watch

Tidal to Launch ETF Covering Fickle Music Industry

New issue follows KPOP, and will be among the few music-tracking funds.

Daily ETF Watch

AllianceBernstein Seeks First Mutual Fund Conversion

Asset manager also plans four active ETFs, expects to more than double its lineup by year’s end.

Daily ETF Watch

BNY Mellon ETFs to Focus on Women, Innovation

The issuer is branching out with two funds that will compete with established rivals.

Daily ETF Watch

Recent ETF Filings Cover New Ground

Some new ETF filings are for first-of-their-kind products. Analysis

Issuers Continue to Plan ESG-Related ETFs

At least three ETFs with environmental focuses were filed in the past 30 days.

Daily ETF Watch

Fidelity Converting 6 Thematic Mutual Funds to ETFs

The actively managed funds are expected to switch to ETF wrappers in June 2023. Analysis

Freedom ETF Challenger Among Latest Fund Proposals

Filings roundup: Calamos plans industry comeback; new iShares, Amplify and more.

Index Investor Corner

Anti-Cramer ETF Not Necessarily a Home Run

The 'Mad Money' star's recommendations ultimately do serve a purpose.