Filing ETF Overview

Each new ETF needs to file a registration with the Securities Exchange Commission before it begins trading in U.S. markets. Keep up with the latest filings and ETF launches by reading our ETF Watch section.

Daily ETF Watch

ETF Week: Motley Fool, JP Morgan Add Funds

It was a strong week for launches, with a half-dozen products making their debut.

Daily ETF Watch

Goldman Plans Banks Sector ETF

Fund will target stocks of eurozone banking companies.

Features and News

Nontransparent Active: Next ETF Revolution?

New research from ALPS surveys the space.

Daily ETF Watch

Buyback ETF Changes Advisor

AdvisorShares switches the manager on its buyback ETF from Wilshire to DoubleLine.

Daily ETF Watch

ETFs Change Indexes, Expense Ratios

Two iShares funds change fund names and indexes; GraniteShares’ gold ETF slashes its expense ratio.

Daily ETF Watch

ETF Week: Launches & Closures Surging

Another record year for ETF shutdowns basically guaranteed.

Daily ETF Watch

ETF Week: UN Fund Debuts; PutWrite Filings

Impact Shares launched a fund based on UN standards, while WisdomTree looked to expand its put-write family.

Daily ETF Watch

PutWrite ETF Family Planned

WisdomTree looks to expand its offering of ETFs using put-write strategies.

Daily ETF Watch

New China Robotics ETF Filed

Proposed KraneShares fund will target companies with significant revenues from China.