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Hot Reads: ProShares Seeing Record Inflows

Plus, some issues for investors to consider in 2023.

ETF.com Analysis

Buffered ETFs’ $10B Year

Investors poured money into the funds, which protected against steep losses.

Daily Hot Reads

Hot Reads: The Trouble With Tech

Plus, government bond ETFs helped to boost the U.S. ETF industry to its second-highest inflows.

Weekly ETF Flows

Bond ETFs Emerge as a New Year Investor Favorite

U.S. fixed income funds absorbed $9.4 billion last week.

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SPY, TLT: Lessons From 2022’s ‘Insanity’

As the Fed decides between action and reaction, markets appear set for more volatility.

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$1T of Inflows? Sumit’s 2023 ETF Predictions

ETF.com Senior Analyst Sumit Roy offers 4 bold predictions for 2023.

ETF Basics

ETFs for Inflation: Everything You Need to Know

We highlight ETFs with potential to outperform during inflationary environments.

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Odds & Ends: ETF Industry Sedate in 2023’s First Week

We saw the first launch and the first closure among U.S.-listed ETFs for this year.