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January-May 2004 Data
Selected Major Indexes Sorted By Year-to-Date 2004 Total Return
After a gangbusters 2003, it hasn't exactly been "off to the races" in 2004.

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The Active Index Strategist

In latest installment, The Strategist takes a hard look at fixed-income ETFs, and also some broad stock index ETFs.

Features and News

ETF Short Interest Drops from High March 2004 Levels

Compared to ordinary equity short volumes, ETF have phenomenally high short interest for a variety of hedging and speculative reasons. What the latest drop in short interest may mean...

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ETF Options Provide Flexible Tools for Hedging, Managing Risk

The proliferation of ETF options has provided investors with new tools covering narrower areas of domestic and international markets.

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NYSE Poised for New ETF Development

A new player in ETF trading, the NYSE has entered with a bang. John Spence talks to Bob McSweeney, head of ETF development at the exchange.

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 iShares bond fund receives NAIC 1 rating

In mid-May, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners rated an investment in the iShares Lehman Aggregate Bond Fund (AGG) equal to the risk-based capital treatment of a single bond with an NAIC 1 rating. This is the second iShares bond fund to receive the NAIC 1 rating after iShares GS $InvesTop Corporate Bond Fund (LQD) received an NAIC 1 rating last August.

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 Get Shorties

Short selling of exchange-traded funds has more than doubled over the past year.

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 Corporate Governance Indices from FTSE and ISS

FTSE Group and Institutional Shareholder Services agreed to jointly create global corporate governance indices