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Muni Madness: Yields Still Fat & Bargains Abound

Muni funds have a lot of appealing features right now for income-minded investors. And economists believe the muni rally might not be finished yet.  

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 Short-Term Bonds Serve Purpose In 2008

With all the turmoil in the markets in 2008, there was a rather widespread flight to safety. Problem is, there weren't exactly a lot of safe havens. Almost every asset class was in the red at the end of the year—commodities, real estate, developed markets, emerging markets, corporate bonds … you get the picture. As a result, much of the mass exodus from those "unsafe" areas of the markets ended up in just two places: cash or short-term bonds.

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BGI Enters Target Date Market; Adds Bond ETFs

BGI says it will target the IRA market and retirement plans of smaller employers with the new target date funds.

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Claymore Says Timberrr!

Claymore is offering investors access to a market segment that they may not have been able to access before. The Claymore/Clear Global Timber ETF (AMEX: CUT) is the first U.S.-listed timber fund. Previously, timber was largely restricted to institutional investors because of the high costs associated with acquiring timber land.

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 PowerShares Launches VRDO And High-Yield Bond ETFs

PowerShares continues to add funds toits fixed-income ETF lineup. New launchesincludes the PowerShares VRDOTax-Free Weekly Portfolio (PVI), whichtracks an index of variable rate demandobligations (VRDOs)—a very secure typeof short-term municipal bond.

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Van Eck Enters Muni Market

Van Eck launches an intermediate-term muni bond ETF, as the competition continues in that space.

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 PowerShares packages VRDOs and high-yield bonds

PowerShares added two more fixed-income ETFs to its portfolio of funds.

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PowerShares Launches First-Ever VRDO ETF

The firm rolled out ETFs covering VRDOs and high-yield bonds.