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Oil Collapse Highlights ETF Differences

There’s nothing short of spectacular in oil’s price decline, but different ETF approaches to oil are delivering very different results.

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Oil And NatGas ETFs Buck Seasonal Trend

Highs summer usually brings to energy prices aren’t quite here.

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An Expensive Mistake: Confusing These Oil ETFs

Know your oil benchmark when investing in these funds.

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Summer Driving Has Oil ETFs On The Spot

Road-trip season may bode well for ETF investors allocated to oil.

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Oil Boom Fuels ETF Return Dispersions

Oil futures ETFs and oil equities ETFs capture the changing U.S. oil market very differently.

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ETF Volumes Dive More Than Market

Beware the dead zone in August, as ETFs become much harder to trade efficiently.

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BNO Vying For USO’s Oil ETF Spotlight

For all the buzz surrounding WTI crude, it just might be yesterday's story compared with Brent.

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ETF Morning Call: Markets Eyeing US Data

Asia mixed on China PMI; Europe up on China PMI and hopes for improved U.S. consumer confidence; U.S. futures unchanged ahead of slew of economic data.