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Morning Call: Markets Up On Economic Data

Asia and Europe advance on stronger-than-expected German and French GDP growth data; U.S. signals higher opening on strong retail sales data.

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Price Moves Expose Oil ETF Differences

As oil prices creep up on hopes of economic stimulus, investors are faced with three different choices to capture returns.

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Norway Oil Strike Rattles ETFs

The recent oil strike in Norway briefly sent crude prices higher as investors anticipated reduced output. It was also instructive for ETF investors.

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 The Best Oil ETF

Oil. It’s a finite resource and we’re running out of it. Unlike shares of Microsoft or ears of corn, there is only so much to go around. In theory, this long-term supply constraint is one of the few sure things in investing, so oil prices should continue to rise.

In reality, oil remains one of the most volatile commodities. While the spot price of benchmark West Texas Intermediate crude rose 7.9 percent in 2011, it wasn’t unusual to see huge swings in prices over the space of days.