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 Opening The Frontier

Until recently, frontier markets were simultaneously the hottest and most inaccessible asset class for ETF investors. Although the buzz about them had grown steadily, there hadn't been many ways for individual investors to access these tiny outposts across the globe...

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ETFs Move Onto The Frontier

Moving further out on the efficient frontier, three new ETFs have launched that offer exposure to the smallest developing markets in the world. Each offers at least some exposure, though not pure, to so-called frontier or pre-emerging markets. Those include stocks from tiny countries that can be some of the world’s most illiquid and volatile, but also serve as interesting diversification tools in portfolios. Analysis

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Matt and I have talked macro ideas. There are current market-focused views out there too.

ETF Report

 Two Frontier Markets ETFs Launch

The first two frontier markets ETFs recently became available within just a month of each other. Frontier markets have been getting increased attention from investors, who see them as a potential source of diversification.

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Middle East Proves Hot Spot For ETFs

Rich in high-flying frontier market stocks, the region's oil wealth is spilling over into a growing number of ETFs focusing on the region.

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New Market Vectors ETF Covers Africa

The new fund covers both emerging and frontier markets,domestic and offshore stocks.

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A Second Frontier Markets ETF Debuts

The new fund from PowerShares covers the Middle East and North Africa.