Frontier Middle East & Africa ETF Overview

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iShares Adds Ultra Short Bond ETF

New fund targets Treasuries with three months or less to maturity.

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How The Iran-US Conflict Impacts ETFs

Equities are mixed, gold is up and oil is down after the U.S. and Iran punched and counterpunched over the past week.

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Investing In The Frontier

Have frontier markets like Vietnam and Nigeria lived up to their promise?

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Best Performing Single Country ETFs

Surprisingly, rising crude oil prices aren't behind the outperformance.

Daily ETF Watch

ETF Watch: More Fund Closures Coming

VanEck is shuttering two country ETFs in October.

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ETF For Investing In The Middle East

Saudi Arabia could be landing in a fund soon.

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Mideast Violence, MSCI Changes Hit ETFs

Once-surging Mideast markets are now moving downward.

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3 Top-Performing Frontier ETFs

UAE is, for now, at the vanguard of an increasingly prosperous frontier market universe. Analysis

Why iShares’ ‘FM’ Is About To Get Better

UAE and Qatar leaving iShares frontier ETF ‘FM’ poses problems, but will make the fund better.