FTSE All World ex US Net TR US RIC ETF Overview

With 1 ETF traded in the U.S. markets, FTSE All World ex US Net TR US RIC ETF gathers total assets under management of $34.53B. The average expense ratio is 0.08%. FTSE All World ex US Net TR US RIC ETF can be found in the following asset class:

  • Equity

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Leveraged ETFs Here To Stay & Finding An Int’l Fund

ETF.com's Dave Nadig answers readers' ETF questions in real time. Here's the transcript.

Features and News

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Strong returns and low correlations for international stocks make now a good time to diversify geographically.

Features and News

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ETF Watch: More Vanguard ETFs See Fees Reduced

The fund issuer announces a third round of fee reductions in as many months. 

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Daily ETF Watch: Vanguard Fees Fall

Seven Vanguard ETFs saw their fund fees automatically reduced.

Daily ETF Watch

Daily ETF Watch: Firms Cut Fees

Vanguard, always known to be a low-fee ETF provider, has trimmed the fees on six of its most widely used ETFs. The new fees, each 1 basis point lower than before, are included in the information below:

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Ferri: Expected Investment Shifts In 2015

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Amid Uncertainty, It’s OK To Be Boring

When you’re really not sure what’s going to happen next, a few cheap and liquid ETFs may do the trick.