Futures ETF Overview

Futures contracts are financial instruments traded in organized exchanges to buy or sell assets, especially commodities or shares, at a fixed price on a future date.

Futures also serve as underlying holdings of several ETFs, especially commodity funds, which do not buy the physical commodity, but track the futures contract price.

Bitcoin & Crypto

Don’t Ignore Bitcoin Futures Roll Costs

ETF expert John Hyland breaks down the latest developments in the bitcoin ETF race.

Bitcoin & Crypto

Bitcoin Futures ETF Filings Flooding In

In just a week, four filings entered the pipeline, bringing the total up to five.

Bitcoin & Crypto

1st Bitcoin Mutual Fund Uses Futures

The approval of the first U.S. bitcoin mutual fund suggests the SEC may be ready to greenlight a bitcoin ETF.

Daily ETF Watch

New ETF Melds Gold, Bond Exposure

The portfolio combines investment-grade bond exposure with a gold hedge.

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Best Of ETF Prime Podcast: Summer 2020

Revisiting some of Nate Geraci’s favorite ETF conversations over the past few months.

Features and News

'USO' Facing Regulatory Action

The SEC has stated intent to file fraud charges against the world's biggest oil ETF.

Features and News

Oil Steady As OPEC Eases Cuts

The worst is behind for oil and oil ETFs, but the road ahead is still hazy.


ETF Report

ETF Univ: A Guide To Contango & Backwardation

Understanding contango and backwardation.