Futures ETF Overview

Futures contracts are financial instruments traded in organized exchanges to buy or sell assets, especially commodities or shares, at a fixed price on a future date.

Futures also serve as underlying holdings of several ETFs, especially commodity funds, which do not buy the physical commodity, but track the futures contract price.

Bitcoin & Crypto

Crypto ETFs Unpacked

Recapping a recent ETF.com webinar featuring a discussion among bitcoin and crypto ETF experts.

Bitcoin & Crypto

Global X Rolls Out Dual-Asset Bitcoin ETF

‘BITS’ holds bitcoin futures and equity, a first for the U.S. markets.

Bitcoin & Crypto

VanEck Adds Bitcoin Futures ETF

The new fund is 30 basis points cheaper than similar existing funds.

Daily ETF Watch

VanEck To Launch Bitcoin Futures ETF

It looks like the issuer was waiting for the SEC’s verdict on its proposed physical bitcoin ETF.

Features and News

SEC Fines 'USO' Issuer $2.5M

Regulators say USO’s operators misled investors on its futures-buying abilities.

Daily ETF Watch

Hybrid Gold ETF Debuts

The new fund combines exposure to gold derivatives with physical gold.

Bitcoin & Crypto

ProShares’ Bitcoin ETF Launches Today

It’s a watershed moment for crypto and ETFs combining.

Bitcoin & Crypto

SEC’s Bitcoin Solution A Problem

A futures-based bitcoin ETF may leave investors disappointed and confused.

Bitcoin & Crypto

Bitwise Refiles For Physical Bitcoin ETF

Issuer argues the bitcoin market is mature, with price discovery provided by bitcoin futures.