Futures ETF Overview

Futures contracts are financial instruments traded in organized exchanges to buy or sell assets, especially commodities or shares, at a fixed price on a future date.

Futures also serve as underlying holdings of several ETFs, especially commodity funds, which do not buy the physical commodity, but track the futures contract price.

Daily ETF Watch

NightShares Launches After-Hours ETFs

The funds hold futures contracts to capture the overnight movement of the S&P 500 and Russell 2000.

Bitcoin & Crypto

Short Bitcoin ETF Debuts At Best—Or Worst—Time

BITI joins BITO within the ProShares’ bitcoin futures ETF lineup.

Bitcoin & Crypto

Investors Might Want To Give Bitcoin Futures Another Look

A look at gold offers an argument for why they should.

Daily ETF Watch

Teucrium Launches Agriculture Futures ETF

The new fund does not issue K-1 forms and provides exposure to four key agricultural commodities.

Daily ETF Watch

Simplify Adds Multi-Asset Macro ETF

The issuer’s newest fund offers a one-stop solution for current markets that combines exposure to other ETFs with a derivatives overlay.

Bitcoin & Crypto

AdvisorShares Adds Bitcoin, Drone ETFs

Both funds target specialized markets.

Bitcoin & Crypto

2 More Issuers Plan Inverse Bitcoin Futures ETFs

AXS and Direxion have both joined in the push for an inverse bitcoin futures ETF.

Daily ETF Watch

Simplify Debuts Managed Futures ETF

The issuer worked with managed futures specialist Altis Partners to develop the fund.

Bitcoin & Crypto

Crypto ETFs Unpacked

Recapping a recent ETF.com webinar featuring a discussion among bitcoin and crypto ETF experts.