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Open Mic: What's Biggest Trend For 2020?

We ask issuers and advisors what key trends they see emerging in the ETF market this year. 

Features and News

Best & Worst ETFs During Market Chaos

The S&P 500 has dropped 10.6% in two weeks. Here are some ETFs that have done better and worse than that.

Features and News

Fed Rate Cut Pushes 10-Year Below 1%

The Federal Reserve cut rates by half a percent on Tuesday, two weeks ahead of schedule.

Index Investor Corner

Market Turmoil Pits Instinct Vs. Logic

A lightly moderated debate on bailing on or buying more stocks now.

ETF Report

 Commodities In Review: March 2020

In a bleak month, palladium blew the other commodities out of the water.

Features and News

How Should Investors React To Virus?

Equities are in a free-fall due to the spreading coronavirus. What should investors do?

Daily Hot Reads

Hot Reads: SEC Rejects Latest Bitcoin ETF Bid

Also, gold ETFs seeing record demand.

Features and News

Most Actively Traded ETFs

ETFs are among the most actively traded securities on U.S. exchanges.