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Fri. Hot Reads: ETF Deathwatch For June

Also, ETFs to ride energy’s strong earnings growth


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ETFs Holding Guns, Opioids & Prisons

Hundreds of ETFs hold opioid makers, gun stocks and immigrant detention stocks—but not always the funds you'd expect.   

Weekly ETF Flows

Massive Weekly Inflows For Russell-Indexed ETFs

Annual reconstitution of Russell indices led to huge inflows into iShares Russell ETFs.

Daily Hot Reads

Mon. Hot Reads: This IPO ETF Is Popping

Also, a summer reading list for financial advisors.

Weekly ETF Flows

Weekly ETF Inflows Top $15B

Year-to-date inflows now stand at $135.1 billion after the strong week.

Daily Hot Reads

Fri. Hot Reads: Stop Blaming Index Providers

Plus, a data-driven look at the problems with factor regressions.

Daily Hot Reads

Tues. Hot Reads: Exploring Beta For Commodities

Also, a look into the costs of free ETF portfolios.

Daily Hot Reads

Fri. Hot Reads: Top ETF Picks For Retirement

Also, University of Chicago bulks up on ETFs.