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iShares S&P Composite 1500 Begins Trading

Latest launch rounds out S&P index iShares -- Barclays Global Investors also registers NYSE index ETFs.

Journal Of Indexes

iShares Select Dividend & TIPS Begin Trading On NYSE

The first dividend-focused iShare was launched on the New York Stock Exchange. The Dow Jones Select Dividend Index Fund (ticke r: DVY) becomes the first of its kind. The fund consists of 50 of the highest-dividend U.S. companies, and comes at a time of turbulent markets when companies that actually pay dividends have become attractive to many investors. The fund hopes to capitalize on the U.S. tax code changes regarding dividends.

Features and News

Dow Jones Select Dividend Index in Action

The first annual changes in the Dow Jones Select Dividend Index indicate how the index will behave.

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 An ETF Invests in Dividend-Yielding Basket of Stocks

Barclays Global Investors has launched the first ETF to invest solely in dividend-yielding stocks. The iShares DJ Select Dividend Index Fund (DVY), which began trading on the NYSE on November 7, is a timely launch, allowing investors to capitalize on the new
dividend tax law.

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 Updates December 2003

An ETF invests in dividend-yielding basket of stocks

Features and News

Dow Jones Select Dividend iShares Begins Trading on NYSE

A new dividend-focused iShares aims to take advantage of the shift in tax treatment of dividends in the U.S. The underlying index is weighted based on dividend payout.