Memo To Fink On iShares Fees

The ETF industry is abuzz with rumors of a fee war and potential fee cuts on popular iShares products. The question is, Which funds?

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Hong Kong ETF Investing 101

Investors searching for exposure to Asian markets in order to steer clear of Europe may find that Hong Kong ETFs can fill that need by providing access to mainland China and to Hong Kong’s strong and stable economy, according to an article on Zacks.

Following are the three Hong Kong-focused ETFs highlighted by Zacks article for their low costs and flexibility:

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iShares Launches 3 Developed-Market ETFs

iShares launches three new developed-market ETFs, including one that’s broad and cheap.

Daily ETF Flows

Daily ETF Flows: IWM, SPY Lead Creations

IWM and SPY led creations on Thursday, Oct. 6, as stocks rallied for the third straight day.

Daily ETF Flows

Daily ETF Flows: SPY Loses $984 Million

Investors yank another $1.84 billion from ETFs on Friday, Aug. 5, the day that ended with an S&P downgrade of U.S. sovereign debt..

Daily ETF Flows

Daily ETF Flows: IWM Leads, EEM Bleeds

IWM led net inflows on Wednesday, Jan. 26, as EEM continued its recent slide.

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BlackRock Cuts Expenses On 34 ETFs

iShares cuts fees on 34 foreign funds, including EEM.