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Daily ETF Flows: SPY Bleeds $851 Million

SPY suffered big enough outflows to offset an up day for the stock market.

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 Choosing An EM Bond ETF

Emerging market bonds are the new “hot” asset class, and it’s easy to see why. While developed markets like the U.S. and France (not to mention Greece and Portugal) struggle under the weight of excessive debt and growing entitlement programs, many emerging markets seem poised for GDP growth, budget surpluses and young populations.

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Trading Government Defaults

How can you profit from the coming government meltdowns?

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 New bond ETFs heighten interest

One corner of the ETF industry that has been bypassed-at least until recently- is bonds. It's the forgotten asset class, in part because the mere mention of its name conjures images of stodgy conservatism and more alluring products like private equity, currencies, and alternative weighting schemes have been given preference by ETF designers and captured media attention.


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Exchange-Traded Funds Corner

Largest New ETFs
Covers funds launched September 1, 2006 - February 16, 2007

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Crazy Eights

Finally, more fixed-income: iShares launches a major expansion of its fixed-income franchise.

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Tax Matters

Ultimately post-tax returns are what really count for investors, so why analysis done pre-tax? A call for post-tax benchmarks.