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Direct Indexing’s Many Uses

The customization and control offered by direct indexing provides solutions for many client needs.

Features and News

Direct Indexing Gains Momentum

Direct indexing is set to be the next big thing in investing as asset managers snap up related firms.

Daily ETF Watch

The ‘MEME’ ETF Arrives

An ETF for the hottest meme stocks arrives as the concept loses steam.

Daily ETF Watch

ARK Launches ‘Transparency’ ETF

The index-following ETF comes as Cathie Wood’s active funds suffer.

Index Investor Corner

5 Lessons From Wood’s ‘ARKK’

Think the opposite of a bad investment is a good investment? Not so!

Features and News

BlackRock Releases Megatrends Report

What to consider for thematic ETFs in 2022 and beyond.

Features and News

Retail Investors Reach For Core ESG ETFs

Shifting retail interest in socially responsible ETFs suggests growing ESG use in portfolio construction.

Features and News

ETFS Capital Invests $7M In BITA

The index technology company is challenging the dominance of the big index providers.