Inflation-Protected ETF Overview

ETF Strategist Corner

A Smorgasbord Of Inflation Protection ETFs

If you think inflation will soon rear its head, it’s good to know that the ETF market is full of useful and diverse tools to fight it.

ETF Strategist Corner

Breakeven Inflation Rates And TIPS ETFs

When it comes to fighting inflation with TIPS, it helps to know all the tools you have at your disposal.

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Vanguard Int’l Bond Fund Coming In Q2

Vanguard’s first international bond ETF coming by the end of the second quarter. Analysis

Growing World Of Bond ETFs

The maturation of fixed-income ETFs has been a long time coming, and it’s only recently that they’re really taking off.

Features and News

Vanguard Plans Int’l Bond Funds—Finally

Vanguard finally takes the plunge with plans to launch two international bond ETFs.

Features and News

iShares Launches 2 Multinational TIPs ETFs

iShares rolls out a duo of local-currency TIPs funds, one that excludes U.S. debt.

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 TIPS Of The Iceberg

TIPS funds are growing fast. Since the launch of the first fund in 2003, TIPS ETFs have grown into a $22 billion category, with several new launches announced this year. BlackRock’s iShares Barclays TIPS Bond Fund (NYSE Arca: TIP) accounts for the lion’s share of the market today with $20 billion in assets, but recent offerings from Pimco and Vanguard are gaining ground, and new funds continue to launch. But does any of this TIPS frenzy make sense?

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iShares Drafts Non-US Global TIPs ETF

iShares, the BlackRock unit and the world’s largest ETF provider, filed to launch an international exchange-traded fund that would tap into sovereign inflation-linked bonds denominated in local currencies across the developed and emerging world that would exclude the

Features and News

Pimco To Launch First Short-Term TIPS ETF

Pimco is ready to launch the first short-term TIPS ETF in the U.S.