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 A Tip On TIPS

If you’re concerned that inflation will rear its ugly head at some point in the future, adding some Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities such as the iShares Barclays TIPS ETF (NYSE Arca: TIP) might seem like a wise move. Analysis

The Reflation Trade Portfolio

Earlier this morning, I was supposed to take part in a discussion on CNBC about how to use ETFs to build a "reflation portfolio."

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Study: Do Bond ETF Creations & Redemptions Work?

The study found that discount/premium levels were greatest compared to NAV in direct proportion to the level of corporate bonds held.

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 Renewing Our Bonds

Bonds are boring, right? Not anymore. Analysis

ETF Industry Data - First Half of 2008

Investors poured more than $23.2 billion into ETFs in the first half of 2008. I've got all the numbers.

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The Most Successful ETFs This Year

How many of the new funds will stick? Let's look at recent history.

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 U.S. Gets Its First Global TIPS ETF

The first U.S.-based global international Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities ETF launched on March 19, opening exposure for investors to TIPS in 18 different countries and 15 different currencies.