Daily ETF Watch

Innovator Debuts 6 ETFs, Resets 12

The start of October saw new funds launch and existing funds get new caps while resetting their buffers.

Monthly ETF Flows

ETFs Add $55B In Sept

But the September Effect and a series of threats slowed ETF flows from the prior month.

ETF Report

Client Portfolios & Crypto

Advisors are working to define the role of a brand new asset in client portfolios.

Bitcoin & Crypto

Investing In Crypto

Although there’s no cryptocurrency ETF yet, there are numerous ways to access the space.

ETF Report

ETF Launches: SPRX

A newcomer offers its take on disruptive innovation.

Daily ETF Watch

Direxion 2x ETF Targets FANG Stocks

The new fund offers leveraged FANG exposure in an ETF wrapper for the first time.

Daily ETF Watch

ProShares Adds 3 Thematic ETFs

The new funds each focus on a different emerging tech-related theme. 

Daily Hot Reads

Hot Reads: Surging Treasurys Hit 'ARKK'

Plus, Elizabeth Warren calls Jerome Powell a 'dangerous man.'