IQ Enhanced Core Plus Bond U.S. Index ETF Overview

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IndexIQ Changes Fees On 10 ETFs

Some funds saw fees lowered; others saw their costs increased.

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What Is Smart Beta In Fixed Income ETFs?

An interview with IndexIQ’s Sal Bruno on how factor investing works with bonds.

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Smart Beta Bond ETFs Hiding In Plain Sight

You might be holding a smart-beta bond ETF and not even know it.

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ETF Watch: Four Issuers Launch Funds Today

Four different issuers rolled out ETFs on three different exchanges.

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Smart Beta In Fixed Income ETFs Slowly Takes Root

The challenges, successes and innovative ideas this segment has seen this year.

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 Smart Beta Stuggles To Grow In Fixed Income ETFs

Smart-beta bond ETFs are just beginning to find their footing.

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Most Popular Smart Beta Fixed Income ETFs

Smart beta has yet to take off in the fixed-income space, but there are a handful of such ETFs that have gained a following.

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5 Most Popular New ETFs Of 2016

These ETFs have distinguished themselves amid a host of new launches this year.

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 Smart Beta Launches

Smart-beta launches in July 2016.