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Digging Into The World Of Liquid Alt ETFs

With the focus on “liquid alts” intensifying, it’s time for a deeper dive in a complex category.

ETF Report

 Digging Into Liquid Alts

These funds are not created equally, which creates a bigger need for due diligence.

ETF Report

 A Newcomer Takes On ETFs

New York Life’s Drew Lawton talks about his firm’s entrance into ETFs via its purchase of IndexIQ.

ETF Report

 The Best & Worst Alternative ETPs

A survey of some of the top-performing alternatives funds, as well as a rundown of the ones that didn’t fare so well.

Daily ETF Watch

Daily ETF Watch: Highland Plans 17 Funds

The wide-ranging filing indicates the firm has big plans for its ETF lineup and intends to focus on hedge fund replication in its strategies.

Fund Flows

2014 ETF Flows Blow Through 2013 Record

The ETF industry keeps shining even as the global economy continues to face head winds.

Features and News

Goldman Sachs In Talks To Acquire IndexIQ

Looks like Goldman plans to buy its way into the ETF industry.

ETF.com Analysis

CalPERS Abandons Hedge Funds—For ETFs?

If CalPERS is taking hedgies out, ETFs may be coming back in.