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Daily ETF Watch: 2 Firms Make Fee Changes

iShares and Vanguard announce changes to their ETFs’ fees.

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Why IEV Makes For Solid Europe Exposure

Given the crisis in Ukraine, a broad Europe-focused ETF makes more and more sense.

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Hougan: 10 Great ETFs You Don't Know (Part 1)

With more than 1,500 ETFs on the market, there are plenty that investors overlook. Here are 10 worth investigating.

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Some PIIGS Are Flying

While Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain have all seen borrowing costs fall, equity recovery has been uneven.

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6 Best Single-Country ETF Plays Of 2013

These single-country ETFs have delivered big-time in 2013.

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iShares: Fees On 40 ETFs Won't Be Rising

Is iShares really saying it’s raising expense ratios on 40 ETFs in 2013? Apparently not.