Japanese Yen ETF Overview

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Why Dollar's Falling With Bond Yields Surging

How the greenback recently hitting three-year lows impacts investors.

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ETF Winners & Losers If Dollar Rally Persists

The U.S. dollar is on a tear in October. Here's what it means for ETF investors.

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Time May Be Right To Reconsider Japan ETFs

Strategists say the latest election in Japan points to a better outlook ahead for the country.

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Japan ETFs: From Leaders To Laggards

The once-popular ETFs weighed down by the market’s disappointment with Abenomics.

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Betting On A Rising Dollar With ETFs

If the greenback climbs again in 2016, these funds stand to benefit.

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2015’s Hottest ETFs Share Currency Hedges

Investors are hot for international stocks, with two currency-hedged ETFs starring as the darlings.

ETF Alpha Think Tank

Merk Increases Gold Position; Avoids Swiss Franc

In an era where central banks are losing their credibility, gold remains an attractive portfolio diversifier.

ETF Strategist Corner

Fresk: Don't Ignore Market Storm Clouds

What bearishness lurks in a spring that's featured a faltering rally in stocks?

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ETF Watch: WisdomTree Adds To Lineup

Firm launches new dividend growth ETFs