XVIX At Six Months

Volatility play? Contango killer? Hedging Tool? It’s none of the above.

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 Nasdaq Cancels ICI Trades

Nasdaq canceled a number of trades in the iPath Optimized Currency Carry ETN

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A Meditation On Mini Flash Crashes

Food for thought on the one-year anniversary of the ‘flash crash.’ Analysis

Use ETF Limit Orders, Stupid

A year after the "Flash Crash, it seems clearer than ever that limit orders are part of the solution.


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Nasdaq Cancels Trades Of ETN 'ICI'

The world of exchange-traded products has another episode of aberrant trading.

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 Are Active Alternative ETFs Worth It?

When equity returns flag and bond yields crumble, investors inevitably look to alternative assets to tease out some much-needed performance. One frequent target of investigation is managed futures, or futures contracts handled by active managers, who use proprietary strategies to decide how and when to invest.

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 Does Hedge Fund Replication Work?

Just days after the stock market hit its March 2009 bottom, IndexIQ, a tiny index provider, launched its first exchange-traded fund, the IQ Hedge Multi-Strategy Tracker ETF (NYSE Arca: QAI). As far as attracting investors, the timing proved inauspicious. Most investors were shellshocked after witnessing the stock market plummet more than 50 percent in 18 months. However, inside the ETF industry, the fund’s hedge fund replication strategy drew much interest. In April, the ETF won Most Innovative ETF and its eponymous index won Most Innovative Index at the 9th Annual Closed-End Funds & Global ETFs Forum, the first time a single firm won awards in both categories.

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Kevin Rich’s Second Act

The man behind the Deutsche Bank Commodity ETFs prepares to launch his own ETF firm; a reverse convertible ETF?