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How To Play Dubai? Short DBV

IndexUniverse's Active Indexer makes a big bet on the 'anti-carry trade.'

Journal Of Indexes

Currency: The Overlooked Asset Class

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Look To Emerging Market Currencies

Ignore the dollar and its ugly duckling cousins like the euro; look to emerging markets for growth.

ETF Report

 Currency ETFs Open Up Whole New Asset Class


It used to be that currency investing was something for the sophisticated investor (or adviser), rather than a tool used by the average market participant. That began to change near the end of 2005, when Rydex launched the first of its CurrencyShares ETFs—the CurrencyShares Euro Trust (NYSE Arca: FXE).

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Ex-Stock Strategist Preparing For Rebound In Stocks

Manager says that investors who've remained disciplined in the past 18 months deserve to get the most out of an inevitable rebound in stocks. 

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Hammers Stands Tall In Face Of Sell-Off

Passive portfolio advisor views torrid market as a good buying opportunity for rebalancing strategy that draws bands around asset classes.

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Analyst Sees New Markets Opening For ETF Investors

Highly regarded Wachovia researcher Mariana Bush assesses where ETFs and ETNs are heading and who'll be buying them.

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Welch Favoring Water, Singapore, Currency ETFs

But manager of ETF portfolios remains skeptical about financials and most other segments of the stock market.