ETF Data Geeks Dream Table III

As the first follow-up to my popular tabulation of ETF fund revenues, I offer you a view from the bottom.

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Barclays Wins Race For All-Global Stock ETF

BGI also launches single-country ETFs for Turkey, Thailand and Israel as well as an ETN for G-10 currencies. 

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Portfolio Review: Commodities Dip Seen As Good Time To Buy

Advisor also bullish on currencies and emerging markets while awaiting U.S. stocks to show stronger signs of a rally.

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Rydex Launches Alternative Investing Fund of Funds

Rydex's newest portfolio provides exposure in currencies and commodities through ETFs and index mutual funds.

ETF Report

 ETFR Databank March 2008

Our monthly databank breaks down ETF returns for every market segment.

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Defend & Advance

The Active Indexer is back: Serrapere's portfolio outperforms in 2007 and early 2008. Analysis

Groan (and the Latest Industry Gossip)

I thought bad financial reporting was a stranger to these pages. Then Hougan says "it's hard to imagine why" Berkshire Hathaway is not in the Dow.

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Portfolio Review: Seeking Beta Instead of Nebulous Alpha

New York-based pro studying ETFs as low-cost way to access alternative asset classes and side-step high-priced hedge funds.