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New Currency ETNs Filed (With Interest Payments)

Barclays Capital has filed for three new currency-based exchange-traded notes (ETNs).

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'Claymore 11' Incident Isn't Black Friday For ETFs

Geez, Jim ... how can you separate sports and investing? As someone who lives in the heart of Moneyball country, the two go hand-in-hand.

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Not Quite Right, Jim

I didn't say that we should ban certain types of products, Jim. Quite the contrary.

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2007 ETF League Table (Updated)

2007 was a banner year for ETFs. Let's see which companies did well ... and which didn't. (Updated with 2006 comparison, including the fastest-growing ETF providers.)

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 ETFR Databank January 2008

Our monthly databank breaks down ETF returns for every market segment.

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 ETN Taxation An Issue Of Growing Debate

The ETN tax war is heating up, with theInvestment Company Institute (ICI) leadinga charge to eliminate the tax advantages that ETNs have over ETFs.

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 The Outlook For ETFs In 2008

Each morning on IndexUniverse.com, ETFR publisher Jim Wiandt and ETFR editor Matt Hougan debate the biggest issues impacting the ETF and index industries.

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A Fundamental/DFA Comparison

Today we look at the ICI/IRS cartel as well as outline just how alike FTSE/RAFI and DFA really are.