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Minimum Volatility: Investing In Bubble Wrap

Factor investing can be a thorny issue.

Monthly ETF Flows

October ETF Inflows Nearly $30B

Year-to-date ETF inflows remained ahead of last year's record pace.

Daily Hot Reads

Hot Reads: The Bull Case For ‘USMV’

Also, what’s behind the S&P 500’s profit advantage.

Weekly ETF Flows

Econ Fears Spark $4B Weekly ETF Outflows

Investors pulled money out of ETFs during the first week of October.

ETF Report

ETF Explainer: SPLV

A low volatility S&P 500 ETF essentially did its job for the past 12 months.

ETF Report

Data At A Glance: October 2019

How low volatility, gold and marijuana strategies compared to the S&P 500 Index.

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Impeachment Jitters Seen In ETF Flows

As the U.S. president sits in hot water, markets look for direction, and defenselike ETFs gain. 

Features and News

US Stock ETFs Brush Off Head Winds

Despite a multitude of head winds, U.S. stocks are within 1% of their all-time highs.