History Not On Side Of 2016’s ETF ‘Gold Rush’

The stampede into physically backed gold funds should raise eyebrows.

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4 Market Surprises So Far This Year

Sometimes the market does its own thing, regardless of what we thought would happen.

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Follow This Gold Metric To Buy/Sell

The beaten-down yellow metal is not quite ripe for the picking yet.

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Daily ETF Watch: ‘BITE’ Targets Restaurants

New ETF hones in on an overlooked space.

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Bitcoins Officially Deemed A Commodity

The CFTC settles debate by putting bitcoins under the ‘commodities’ umbrella.

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7 Reasons Why Gold Is Plunging Again

Gold continues its decline, and here's why.

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‘OUNZ’ Delivering Gold To Your Door

The ETF’s redeem-for-gold feature has been put to the test, and is gaining traction.

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Of 5 Top Commodities, Some Are Struggling

Of the five top commodities in the first quarter, two were in the red.