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Oil Plunge Accelerates As OPEC Floods Market

Led by Saudi Arabia, the cartel doubles down on its strategy to preserve market share and hurt U.S. producers.

Daily ETF Watch

Daily ETF Watch: Saudi Fund Launches Today

iShares is rolling out its long-awaited Saudi Arabia ETF.

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Israel: An Often Overlooked Outperformer

Country’s economy and stock market prove resilient and strong despite perceived risks.

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Another Asian Financial Crisis Unlikely

Economist shares his insight on the outlook for emerging markets.

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Emerging Markets' Steep Spiral Hits ETFs

China isn't the only reason emerging market ETFs have been plunging.

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Daily ETF Watch: Smart Beta Real Estate Fund

Guggenheim launches equal-weighted real estate ETF.

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Greece ETF GREK Shines During Turmoil

It’s impressive how the Global X FTSE Greece 20 ETF and its issuer have weathered the country's financial storm.

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Oil To Surge To $70 By Year End Despite Iran Deal

Analyst says additional oil from Iran will be more like a trickle than a flood.