Smart Beta 4: Factor Exposure's Curveball

By including factor tilts in smart beta’s definition, you get a mishmash of ETFs. Analysis

Destroying Smart Beta: Part 1

Series of blogs will examine how to get rid of a dumb term like ‘smart beta.’ Analysis

Tilting Toward Value ETFs: VLU and TILT

Choices abound for factor-based coverage of U.S. equities. Some of them even make sense.

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FlexShares Lists Factor Tilt ETFs

The ETF firm is adding emerging markets and developed ex-U.S. ETFs to its roster.

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FlexShares Plans Emerging Market Factor ETF

FlexShares' planned ETF is another way to tap into emerging markets.

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Tech ETFs That Put Microsoft in Your Portfolio

Investors transitioning from mutual funds to exchange-traded funds may find it difficult to find ETFs that offer exposure to Microsoft, though quite a few do own shares in the software firm, according to an article on Investor Place.

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FlexShares Plans ex-US Small-Cap/Value ETF

Northern Trust’s FlexShares plans non-U.S. small-cap and value equity ETF.