Daily ETF Flows

Daily ETF Flows: SPY Leads, GLD Bleeds

SPY pulled in $2.1 billion on Monday, Aug. 22, as bargain hunters bid up stocks.

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Shorting China With ETFs?

If you believe Nouriel Roubini that China’s economy is a house built on a fault line, you’ve got plenty of short-selling options. So, what you’ll need is guts and creativity.

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BlackRock Cuts Expenses On 34 ETFs

iShares cuts fees on 34 foreign funds, including EEM.

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Ben Stein: In Love With ETFs—And Cash

Invest with ETFs, but don’t forget that cash is a ‘spectacular’ alternative investment, Ben Stein says.

Daily ETF Flows

Daily ETF Flows: $711 Million Flows Out Of SPY

Investors get out of U.S. equities and into international equities.

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AdvisorShares Hatches First Long/Short ETF

AdvisorShares, building on its actively managed exchange-traded fund offerings, rolls out what it called the first U.S. long-short ETF.

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Searching For Frontier Markets In Frontier Funds

Frontier market exchange-traded funds make it easier than ever to access these once elusive, high-stakes economies. But before buying, investors should look under the hood, as not everything is always as it seems.

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Green Planting Seeds For Growth

Portfolio manager tilts toward growth and U.S. equities in anticipation of an economic recovery.