Currency-Hedged BRIC ETFs?

The BRIC currencies have taken it on the chin in the past year, and ETF investors need to have the tools to manage that risk.

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 Choose The Right BRICs For Your Portfolio

With Europe collapsing and the U.S. muddling along, many investors may look to emerging markets for their next move. One area with special appeal is the BRICs—Brazil, Russia, India and China. Analysis

Take ‘B’ Out Of BRIC For Now

Brazil was the best-performing BRIC market over the past year, but that may be about to change.

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Five ETFs To Watch This Week

While global markets don’t reset with the start of a new year, asset values often change with a shift in calendar year as reports are filed and sectors rally, according to an article on The Street.

Article contributor Don Dion lists five ETFs poised to change as news involving the eurozone, earning reports and other factors comes to light.

The article highlights the following: Analysis

Choose BRIC ETFs Carefully

Nearly 10 years after coining the term 'BRIC,' Goldman’s Jim O’Neill told Reuters he still sees the rapidly growing economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China as an attractive long-term investment theme.

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iShares Launches New China ETF

iShares breaks new ground with large- and mid-cap China ETF.