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How Dynamic Currency Hedged ETFs Work

WisdomTree’s Luciano Siracusano discusses the firm’s most recent currency-hedged twist.

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Top ETF Picks Now That Trump Is President

Seven ETF strategists tell us what ETFs and segments they’ve jumped in to now that there’s a new leader-in-chief in the White House.

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2016 Capital Gains Feature Hedged ETFs

Currency-hedged and fixed-income ETFs figure prominently on the capital gains list.

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Least Popular ETFs Of 2016

In a year when flows into ETFs are hitting records, these funds bucked the trend with giant outflows.

Monthly ETF Flows

Equity & Fixed Income ETFs Fuel Healthy Sept. Flows

Currency-hedged-fund outflows continue in month marked by strong domestic bias.

Weekly ETF Flows

ETF Asset Inflows Remain Strong In Sept At More Than $17B

Investors added almost $8 billion into U.S.-listed ETFs in the latest week.

Weekly ETF Flows

XLE & GLD Top Weekly Flows; DBEF's Assets Plunge

The latest weekly flows showed that investors favored fixed-income and commodity ETFs, while shunning international equity ETFs.

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Most Unpopular ETFs Of The Year

Investors bet heavily on Europe and Japan ETFs heading into 2016, but their bullish thesis failed to materialize.