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Emerging Markets' Steep Spiral Hits ETFs

China isn't the only reason emerging market ETFs have been plunging.

Daily ETF Watch

Daily ETF Watch: Unconstrained Bond Fund

A second unconstrained bond fund hits the ETF space.

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Lower Risk & Higher Returns With This ETF

A low-volatility emerging markets ETF outpaces its plain-vanilla counterpart as it marks its three-year anniversary.

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 Re-Emerging Markets

Today's ETF market is pointing to a rebirth of the emerging markets.

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iShares’ Gamba: ‘Core’ ETFs Just A Start

Did iShares’ October 2012 launch of its ‘Core’ ETFs mark the awakening of a sleeping giant?

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Emerging Market ETFs Buck Flows Trend

Not all emerging market funds are following the hot-money crowd to the exits.

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Equal-Weighted Success Varies

Equal-weighted ETFs are popular in some segments, but the farther from the core you get, the less attractive they become.

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‘Smart Beta’ Equity ETFs Gather $45B YTD

Nonmarket-cap-weighted equities funds are gathering steam.