Daily ETF Watch

Daily ETF Watch: 3 Funds Launch

A day of multi-ETF launches serves to again tell the tale that the world of ETFs is getting hotter.

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A Breakout Year For Deutsche X-Trackers

In case you overlooked it, Deutsche Bank’s ‘X-trackers’ brand of ETFs is getting serious traction.

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Eurozone’s QE Fuels Currency Hedged ETFs

Investors in currency-hedged ETFs, take note: It’s official—the ECB is ready to roll out QE, eurozone style.

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Getting The Europe ETF Choice Right

With new action by the ECB, hedging may be back in vogue in Europe too.

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5 Fastest Growing ETFs Of 2014 By Flows

A close look at the most popular new ETFs reveals a vibrant and varied fund industry.

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iShares' New Euro Hedged ETF Needed

But this new product is different than other euro-hedged funds.

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ETF Watch: 13 ETPs Launch

3 ETNs, 10 ETFs debut in one week.

Daily ETF Watch

Daily ETF Watch: DB Funds Renamed

Most Deutsche Bank products will officially be referred to as ‘ETFs’ in August.