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3 Top-Performing Frontier ETFs

UAE is, for now, at the vanguard of an increasingly prosperous frontier market universe.

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Hougan: 4 ETFs Stealing Market Share

The old rule about ETFs was that the first fund to market gets all the inflows. Now it’s the best funds.

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Why iShares’ ‘FM’ Is About To Get Better

UAE and Qatar leaving iShares frontier ETF ‘FM’ poses problems, but will make the fund better.

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Frontier Market ETFs Deliver Returns

Funds like FM and GULF look attractive as an alternative to emerging market exposure.

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5 Most-Needed Niche ETFs

From sub-Saharan Africa to Eastern Europe, untapped markets still exist.

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 Profile: Don't Sweat The Alpha

Matthew Krusko's brand-new firm takes the emphasis off alpha in order to focus on asset allocation.

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Arthur: Frontier Investing With VNM

On the dicey frontiers of the investment universe, Vietnam looms as an exception, Main Management's Kim Arthur says.

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Equity ETFs: ETFs That Don’t Do What You Think They Do

You've probably heard ETF.com say numerous times, 'not all ETFs are created equal.'