EEM: Beyond The Bloodbath

The bottom seems to have fallen out from under EEM. But it may not matter.

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McCall’s Call: Beyond The China Juggernaut

In all the talk about China, it’s easy to forget how many other Asian countries are worthy of investors’ attention.

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BlackRock Cuts Expenses On 34 ETFs

iShares cuts fees on 34 foreign funds, including EEM.

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Asia's Growth Raising Prospects In Smaller Markets

While China and India grab the spotlight, a number of  less-known Asian markets are growing at a pace that U.S. investors might want to note. Analysis

Cliffs Notes on ETF Families

Due to the popularity of my look atETFs by revenues, I've broken down fund families by revenues, average and meanERs. While you may intuitively know some of this data, some of the results maysurprise you. Analysis

ETF Data Geeks Dream Table III

As the first follow-up to my popular tabulation of ETF fund revenues, I offer you a view from the bottom.

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ETF Fund Flows Report: Week Ending 1/18/08

There was $12.8 billion in net creation activity among the U.S.-listed ETFs last week.

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ETF Performance Watch: November 2007

Our monthly look at the performance of the ETF market.