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How To Short Europe ETFs In Face Of 'Brexit'

If risk is on your mind following the 'Brexit' vote, short-selling Europe-related ETFs could be your cup of tea.

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World Stocks Plunge As UK Votes For EU Exit

British Prime Minister Cameron will step down.

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Europe ETFs Fall As 'Brexit' Vote Looms

Investors sell stocks ahead of the key vote in the U.K. next week.

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‘Brexit’ Lifts UK Currency Hedged ETFs

A sudden weakening of the pound breathes life into U.K. currency-hedged funds.

ETF Report

 Country Returns In Review

Egypt had the best returns of any individual country, while New Zealand led developed countries.

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Conservative Win In UK Boosts Markets

With David Cameron remaining in power, markets are betting on continuity.

Daily ETF Watch

Daily ETF Watch: Activist Guru Fund Debuts

Latest addition to Global X’s lineup of Guru ETFs targets holdings of leading activist investors.

Daily ETF Watch

Daily ETF Watch: Source Closes Only US ETF

The Lee Kranefuss-led initiative could be making a tactical decision—or shutting down for good.