MSCI USA IMI Financials Index ETF Overview

With 1 ETFs traded in the U.S. markets, MSCI USA IMI Financials Index ETFs gather total assets under management of 0. The average expense ratio is 0.08%. MSCI USA IMI Financials Index ETFs can be found in the following asset classes:

  • Equity

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Rising Rates Not Biggest Driver For Financials

There are three forces driving returns in financials, and they seem to be lining up for outperformance.

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Why New Real Estate Sector Good For Investors

ETF strategists weigh in on the upcoming debut of real estate as a GICS sector.

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Best Of 2016: What The New Real Estate Sector Means For ETFs

Real estate is about to stand on its own, leaving the confines of the financials sector, and triggering a wave of change across the ETF landscape.

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ETF Watch: Fidelity Cuts Fees

Financial giant undercuts Vanguard with reductions in ETF and mutual fund fees.

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These Are The ETFs To Own As Fed Raises Rates

Understanding the impact that higher rates has on different assets classes is critical.

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ETFs & Mutual Funds Growing Together

At Fidelity, growing sector ETF business following firm’s mutual fund path.

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Financials: Next Domino To Fall

Weak equity markets and pressure on yields are weighing on the financial sector.

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Daily ETF Watch: Firms Cut Fees

Vanguard, always known to be a low-fee ETF provider, has trimmed the fees on six of its most widely used ETFs. The new fees, each 1 basis point lower than before, are included in the information below:

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US Financial ETFs & Return Dispersions

A look under the hood reveals why FXO has risen nearly 33 percent, while KBWD rose less than half of that.